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Can I register for CyberStart Canada?

Details on the eligibility criteria for CyberStart Canada and other ways to play CyberStart.
Updated on June 10, 2022

To be eligible to receive a free CyberStart game license through CyberStart Canada, a student has to meet both of the following requirements:

  • Be at least 13 years old
  • Be enrolled in secondary school in Canada (or the homeschool equivalent)

Currently, a limited number of license seats are available for this free program, so in 2022-23, priority for these seats will be given to those who also meet the following criteria:

  • Based in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia
  • Self-identifying as female or non-binary

Other high school students in Canada are welcome to register, but may be added to a waiting list if there are no available license seats.

Teachers/educators working with eligible students may also register for the program as an educator - the game access will be exactly the same as students get, but we ask that educators register themselves under the correct category to ensure our program participation statistics are as accurate as possible.

At this time, the free CyberStart Canada program is only for students who meet these criteria (and their teachers), and cannot be opened up to younger/older students, or to students in other countries, regardless of ability. There may be other free programs available to different targeted groups in the future.

Anyone not eligible for free access to CyberStart through CyberStart Canada is welcome to sign up for free access to the CyberStart Intern base (12 unlocked challenges of varying difficulty levels) at, and can choose to purchase a commercial license to upgrade their account if they wish to!

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