Generally our registration process works smoothly, but if your students have hit a stumbling block, here are a few common reasons why that might be, and suggestions for how to solve them.

Please note: if your students have any issues with registration, please ask them to email us directly on, rather than coming through you. We can see the registration information they have submitted, and are likely to be able to spot which point in the process they have hit a problem, so are therefore better placed to help with individual cases than you might be.

If they contact us, please ask them to specify which email address they have used to register, and which stage in the process they have got to. Generic "I can't log in" messages will require follow-up questions from us before we can help effectively.

Student has registered, but not received confirmation/verification email after a few minutes.

Sometimes, at busy times, confirmation/verification emails can take a little while to come through, but if the student doesn't seem to have received their confirmation email after an hour, we suggest the following:

  1. Make sure they have checked their spam folder, and their "promotions" tab, particularly if using Gmail.
  2. If they're using a school email address, ensure the school isn't blocking emails from our domain (your school IT team may be able to help with this - Whitelisting e-mails from CyberStart Canada).
  3. Check that they meet our eligibility criteria - we run initial eligibility checks on registration, and our system may have flagged a registration as invalid if the registrant doesn't meet all the criteria.
  4. Ensure they've correctly remembered which email they signed up with, and are checking the right inbox.
  5. If they think they might have mistyped their email address when registering, or if they're experiencing any other problems, have them email us on and we'll look into it for them.

Student has registered and verified their email, but not received their "set password" email after a few minutes.

If they received their first confirmation email fine and have clicked the link to verify their email, but not received their "set password" email with an hour, we suggest the following:

  1. Try clicking the verification link in the email again - very occasionally the click does not register as verified the first time.
  2. Repeat the checks above of spam and promotions folders.
  3. Contact us and we can check whether their email address is properly verified.
  4. If the student has received a "Welcome to CyberStart Canada" email, but not the email to set their password, then they should be able to trigger another "set password" email by going to and clicking "Forgotten your password?"
  5. Please note: any emails related to password setting/resetting will come from an email address ending (as they relate to the student's user account for the CyberStart product, used worldwide), and not (unlike the first two emails, which relate to their registration for the free targeted CyberStart Canada program - the CSC program gives them free access to the CyberStart product).
    We advise students to register with personal email addresses to avoid issues caused by strict school email policies. If students are using school email addresses to register, you need to ensure that both email domains ( and are whitelisted by your school's IT team for them to complete their registration and get started.